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The personal story of Milan Tyler-Pohontsch, president and founder of  

European Roots Genealogy


About 30 years ago I found a family record of my grandparents that was created in Germany about the year 1935. It was a marriage certificate with an incomplete four generation family tree. I was fascinated from the first moment on, but I was a teenager and had other priorities. It took me 10 years more before I started to complete the missing parts of the family history.

I spent hundreds of hours in different church parishes and other archives; interviewing my living ancestors and hunting for old pictures. This was more than just a hobby for me, it became my passion.

I worked as an engineer in Germany and in my spare time I studied genealogy. After gaining a lot of personal genealogical experience I became responsible for a genealogical research center in Bavaria / Germany. From that moment on I was dedicated to the study and research of genealogy.

After moving to Salt Lake City, Utah, I made my passion into my profession. This was the birth of European Roots Genealogy. Since then we were able to assist many exited clients in their personal research.

Accreditation is necessary and a broad genealogical knowledge is a prerequisite for successful tracing of ancestry. Therefore I will be as up-to-date as possible with the latest genealogical information.

I also serve as volunteers in different genealogical projects.





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