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Fee Agreement

The following approximate ranges of hourly rates for various categories of personnel are currently in effect:


Hourly rate            Category

$ 45                        Professional research        

$ 35                        Digitising of records

$ 45                        Professional translations

$ 45                        Professional consultations

$ 30                        Minimum per assignment

10 hr minimum for research project. Discounts and promotions may apply *

For projects of 10 hours or more 50% of the research fees are due upfront. The rest is due after you received the completed research project.

Please visit Special Offers for our "Undiscovered Ancestor Guarantee"


  * Discounts:

     Please see our Special Offers for new clients.

     SAVE also additional $25, $50 and $100 Dollars on 20, 30, & 40 hr projects

          Project               Translations           Research          Digitizing

          10 hrs                 $ 450                      $ 450                $ 350

          20 hrs                 $ 875                      $ 875                $ 675

          30 hrs                 $ 1300                    $ 1300              $ 1000

          40 hrs                 $ 1700                    $ 1700              $ 1300


The client will be notified when the budget figure is reached. A short report with the information gathered thus far will be given at that time. If further research is possible we will estimate the hours needed and the client may retain us to continue.


Reimbursable expenses

Travel expenses (outside Salt Lake City) necessary for the execution of the project, including rail, taxi, bus, air, rental vehicles and highway mileage in company or personal vehicles will be charged at 0.32 cents per mile.

The following travel expenses will be billed at direct costs:

  • Accommodations (we always use low-budged accomondations)
  • Telephone, internet and fax charges
  • Postage and shipping, courier services
  • Other project expenses: photocopying, laser printing, digital images etc.

For research in European archives or parishes please contact us for our special offers.



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