European Roots Genealogy offers the following services:

  • International genealogical research and consulting
  • LDS genealogical research (this is, mostly but not limited to, the tracing of early Mormon pioneers that came from the east to the Rocky Mountains)
  • Probate research
  • Translation of old handwritten documents
  • Printout of records from LDS microfilms
  • Request of records and information from international archives and parishes (in their own language)
  • International travel for research when necessary
  • Many genealogical seminars

Here are some other professional genealogists that will be able to provide similar services to you.

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We specialize in researching and finding records of your European ancestors.

Our areas of expertise include the following:


Germany (including the former German Empire)


USA (including tracing back to the place of origin in Europe)


Austria (including the former Austro-Hungarian Empire)












German settlements in Russia


Wendish settlements in Germany


LDS research


For many other European countries, European Roots Genealogy sub-hires researchers of very good reputation.

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Family history


European Roots Genealogy is a family history research company with over 20 years of genealogical experience.

European Roots Genealogy is always willing to share our knowledge and research techniques with interested historians. Greater research success can be reached when working with a professional researcher one-on-one.

If you are planning a trip to Salt Lake City and just want to collect ideas for where to continue on your “dead ends,” a consultation in person is the best way.

If you have just one research problem and you do not know what to do next, ask for the “free of charge” consultation via e-mail.

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In-person Consultation

Millions of historians have used the LDS Family History Library in Salt Lake City, Utah since they first opened their doors. All of them had one goal: to find their roots of origin and complete their family tree as far back as possible in the shortest amount of time. Whether you are an experienced genealogist or a novice, questions like: “Where do I begin?,” or “What do I do next” are likely to come up.

We as professionals will assist you in this process. An efficient way is to reserve consultation time.

Whether you need our guidance for your whole stay in the Library or for only one hour, you can schedule a time when you need us.

We are also available for you if you have found many records by yourself and you want us to finish your ancestral line(s). Whatever you need, we will be there for you. Schedule a time to work with us.

Please contact us by e-mail by filling out the request form or leave a message and your phone number at 801.900.1835. We will contact you to discuss your goals and arrange a consultation time in the LDS Family History Library in Salt Lake City.

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Email Consultation

The Internet makes our lives so much easier. You are able to communicate with archives and professionals so much faster than it was only 20 years ago.

The consultation via email is a useful tool if you are not going to make a trip to the Family History Library in Salt Lake City or if you only need ideas of where to continue your genealogical research.

If you contact us with one special genealogical problem, we will answer you free of charge. We will give you ideas where you could continue the research or what steps could be taken next. You can decide whether you want to continue by yourself or hire a professional researcher.

If using this tool, please contact us by filling out the request form and describe for your research goals.

You can expect to receive the answer to your special genealogical problem in 5–7 days.

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Consultation Fees

Personal consultations are charged by the hour. We charge $45.00 per hour of personal consultation.

Consultations via email are free of charge, as long as you have only one special genealogical question. For multiple research related questions, we charge the same as for personal consultations.

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Digitize and Translate

We can digitize and/or translate genealogical and family history documents for your records. See Prices for details.

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Fee Agreement

The following approximate ranges of hourly rates are currently in effect:

Hourly RateCategory
$45Professional research
$35Digitizing of records
$45Professional translations
$45Professional consultations

*$30 minimum per assignment

*10 hour minimum for professional research. Discounts and promotions may apply.

For projects of 10 hours or more, 50% of the research fees are due upfront with the remainder due after you receive the completed research project.


SAVE an additional $25, $50, and $100 on 20, 30, and 40 hour projects:

Project HoursTranslationsResearchDigitizing

The client will be notified when the budget figure is reached. A short report, with the information gathered thus far, will be given at that time. If further research is possible we will estimate the hours needed and the client may retain us to continue.

Reimbursable expenses

Travel expenses (outside Salt Lake City) necessary for the execution of the project, including rail, taxi, bus, air, rental vehicles and highway mileage in company or personal vehicles will be charged at $0.32 per mile.

The following travel expenses will be billed at direct costs:

  • Accommodations (we always use low-budget accomondations)
  • Telephone, Internet and fax charges
  • Postage and shipping, courier services
  • Other project expenses: photocopying, laser printing, digital images etc.

For research in European archives or parishes, please contact us for our special offers.

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