We have over 20 years of expertly researching family history, translating records, and consulting.

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About Us

About Us

Milan Pohontsch is the founder and president of European Roots Genealogy. He has been a professional genealogist for over 20 years, is a native of Germany, and communicates in many Eastern European languages.

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European Roots Genealogy
541 East Park Drive
Elk Ridge, Utah 84651, United States

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European Roots Genealogy is a family history research company with over 20 years of genealogical experience.

Don’t let your ancestors wait too long to be discovered. Complete your family history now!

Are you looking for lost ancestors, so you can complete your family tree?

Have you found a record and need a translation?

Are you tired of researching family history websites and other sources and finding nothing?

Did you find strange symbols in your documents you can not interpret?

Do your records contain Latin words you never found in a dictionary?

Do you have to fight with the conversion between calendars, or to convert an old feast day into a correct date?

Do you need a letter written to a local archive in Europe in their language?

We have the solution to all these questions and many more.

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